My Camper specialises in the sale of used motorhomes. A motorhome from My Camper is perfect for customers in retail sales, commercial customers of any kind, export or shipping with a German transport company. Our focus is on export business and for commercial customers.

Our service


In order to ensure a smooth import into your home country, we provide you with all documents required for the import into your country already at the time of handing over the object of purchase. These include, for example, the following documents:

  • EEC Declaration of Conformity (COC for Certificate of Conformity)
  • Manufacturer’s certificates
  • Customs documents (EU1, export declaration)
  • TÜV, Dekra or GTÜ certificates etc.


In order to be able to drive the vehicle after handover, we offer you optional short-term and customs number plates for each vehicle. The yellow transfer plates and the red export plates are covered by liability insurance for the European Union and the customs plates by international liability insurance. Unfortunately, partial or comprehensive insurance is not possible in these cases.


In general, every new as well as used car is subject to the 19% value added tax. If you, as a customer, wish to export a vehicle within the EU, the vehicle will be sold to you at the net amount, provided you have a valid VAT identification number.

If such a number is not available, as is the case with private individuals, for example, the VAT will be refunded after the vehicle has been successfully registered abroad and the registration documents have been sent to you.

Consequently, there is no need to worry about VAT being charged twice, because VAT is usually invoiced in the importing country two to three weeks after successful registration by the authorities there, and the VAT paid to us has already been refunded. In countries such as Norway, the VAT is only refunded after receipt of the export declaration. We receive this as soon as the vehicle has been registered with the relevant customs office abroad.


Please understand that we are unfortunately unable to provide you with any information regarding importation abroad, as legislation can change constantly. We recommend that you contact your local authorities if you have any questions.

Below you will find helpful information if you wish to import a vehicle into the country of your choice.  Should you wish to trade in a vehicle of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In the history of our company we have exported to many countries. These include, for example, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Andorra, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece, but also countries such as Australia, Brazil and China.